Your Corporate Rowing Partner

Who we are

Crew Class is Ireland’s premier rowing boutique, founded by Niall O’Toole, Ireland’s first rowing World Champion, three time Olympian (1992, 1996, 2004) and former World Record holder. A multi-medallist, Niall’s pioneering international rowing career spanned two decades, including 15 World Championships.
Drawing from his international experiences gained whilst training with and competing against world class teams, Niall distils insights on teamwork, performance, and the culture of crew, via bespoke programs that encourage corporate teams to pull together as one and realise their true potential.

On and off water programmes

Crew Class Corporate runs both on-site indoor rowing classes and on-the-water rowing regattas. It brings the culture of crew into the heart of corporate culture. Through fun on- and off-water sessions, designed to target leadership development, enhance teamwork, and improve communication, each crew member will clearly see how their individual role benefits team performance, as a whole.

On-site edition

Rowing machines are set up at the corporate site for a bespoke group session, tailored to wellness, fitness and the leadership goals of the organisation.

Wellness Weeks

Bespoke weekly or bi-weekly sessions are designed to boost teamwork, leadership, health, and fitness levels over the course of a fun 6-12 week programme (shorter versions available, if required).

Regatta Days

Fun one day regattas teach corporate teams to row and race on the water and pull together as one.

The ultimate team-building experience

  • Accessible to all ages and all levels of fitness
  • No prior rowing experience necessary
  • Sessions are novel and fun-filled, boosting team morale, confidence and camaraderie
  • Crews form lasting bonds by pushing each other to reach their potential
  • Develops a unity of purpose which is transferable back into the corporate realm

For further information or to book your corporate session, contact or call 085 230 3624.