Diet Tricks/Tips

So we’re well into 2023, and lots of you are still committed to your training, making it to class 3 times per week. At the start of the year, I promised to do something on healthy eating and weight loss. I wanted this to be more general and not specific to an athlete making weight, so I went to the experts and got a top-class PhD student (Katie) to create a resource for you guys. You can download the full document below, “Crew Class – Diet Tricks and Tips”. 


This “quick guide to eating well” gives a really good overview of what a healthy diet looks like, including how many servings of each type of food you should aim for and, importantly, what a serving size is. She gives examples of how to plan out your food and what a typical day of eating should look like. She finishes off with her #1 Weight Loss Trick/Tip. This is definitely something I can identify with. I spent most of my lightweight days planning meals that would make me feel like I was eating more… so I’d fill my plate with vegetables or add a big salad with all of my meals. I was eating more but for less calories, which is what I needed when I was “on the cut”. 


I hope you find this resource helpful! Remember that your training is definitely your base, but adding some focus on a diet will help nudge the dial that little bit, particularly if you do want to lose some weight. Enjoy!


Crew Class – Diet Tricks and Tips