Mobility and Flexibility for Rowing
This is a very quick and practical blog where I want to introduce mobility and flexibility for rowers. Shamefully, mobility work is something that we don’t spend enough time on in class, given time constraints. I’m constantly talking about how rowing is a total body exercise that demands endurance, strength, and speed. What’s missing in that sentence is that without flexibility and stability you cannot deploy the rowing stroke. Rowers need to have good range-of-motion to achieve the basic positions of the stroke, but also need strength and stability to get into position and execute the stroke. I know that some Crew Classers (including myself) have mobility and flexibility issues – this is not to torment you further – instead, aiming to improve your range of motion within your limits. There’s loads of different exercises to choose from, but the image above shows just some basic ones that cover off the main areas of the body that we want moving better in the rowing stroke. I’ve borrowed the pics from Rowing Australia (referenced below). Try to build this 10-15 minute mobility and stretching routine into your day at least 3-4 days per week.