The Warm Up
Spend a minimum of 15 minutes building up the stroke rate and watts. Including 50 stoke as follows:
15 strokes @ 80% effort @34 SPM (moving light and quick)
15 strokes @ 40 SPM (over-production of power and speed)
20 strokes @34 SPM (race pace and watts, moving light and quick)
Then 1-2 mins light rowing. Ignore all negative thoughts during the warm up – your mind is playing games.

The 3 Phase 2k Plan

Phase 1: Easier Phase (relatively)
Fast start of 10 strokes. You have a bank of ATP in your muscles – free power -use it for a good start.
After 10 strokes, come down immediately to your target split. Breathe on purpose.
Your adrenaline will be pumping, it will feel great – DON’T stay high and hard. Settle in.
Stay on your target rate – DON’T go lower and use your power, stay light and quick.
Your average split will stay higher than your target split because of your start.
Focus on holding your target split/watts with minimum cost to your body.
At this point forget your final time. Concentrate on efficient rowing. Focus on technique, breathing and relaxation.

Phase 2: Difficult Phase
In this phase, your average and target split will merge. Your average may drop below your target at times – DON’T worry – STAY positive!
The ebb and flow of the target and average split, plus tiredness, can be mentally difficult. Focus on holding, or slightly increasing your rate – DON’T let fatigue drop the rate.
Increase your rate by moving quicker on the recovery – DON’T add power, DON’T get lumpy!
Try to stay relaxed, light and quick – DON’T (at all costs) try to hold your average – there is still too much time to go too deep now.

Phase 3: Very Difficult Phase (Kill Zone)
Building on the other two phases, this is where you will fight for your finish time.
Coming out of phase 2 you will be either on or below your target split.
You are on the home stretch now – STAY positive, you can make up lost ground!
In this phase, despite fatigue, you will need to offset your drop in power with a higher rate.
Slowly increase your rate over time; for example, last 1000m (@34), last 750m (@35), last 500m (@36) and last 250m (@37/38) – DON’T suddenly increase power (NO power 10s or 20s).

Last Minute
If you are feeling OK, start your sprint from here, slowly (~300m to go).
Stay under your average split until the last 30 seconds.
This last minute is all about the actual split not average.Try to produce as many watts as possible.
Use your adrenaline by getting “angry” this will help you offload all your remaining energy.
If you are feeling empty in the last minute hold the “angry” kick until the last 30 seconds.

Note: Your mind will continually lie to you over the 2k. Stay in those moments of perfect execution: technique, breathing and relaxation. Don’t get distracted – you have lots of practical stuff to focus on!